Editorious is the nom-de-biz of Suzanne J.E. Tourtillott, a senior editor · acquisition editor · development editor · copy and line editor · ghostwriter and proofreader. I offer a full range of editing services for publishing professionals.


From a written concept, the outline gets shaped into a rough manuscript. In consultation with publishing team or author, additional material may be suggested. Interim deadlines are established, art needs assessed and budgeted, and technical consultation—if needed—is scheduled. Print/digital marketing and sales plans are explored; design consultations take place. Art, marketing, and editorial support is coordinated as the client requires. Ghostwriting may be explored as an option.


Style, voice, continuity, and clarity are the goals. Book elements are evaluated for relevance to the whole and to the original concept. The subject is thoroughly plumbed, and manuscript organized as necessary into chapters, sections, sidebars. Art plan is executed, reviewed, and keyed to the text. Facts are checked. Syntax is polished, and intra-book references established.

Line Editing

The text receives a final close read. The book structure (chapter heads and subheads) is verified, and loose threads are tied. A preliminary index may be created; book elements/files are checked and organized.


The manuscript is readied for layout. Measurements and spelling are verified, and files checked for format issues and nonprinting characters. Book elements are compared to the contents page. Inter-book references, heds, and art markup are checked.

“Suzanne is all those things a great editor should be: smart, conscientious, detail-oriented, motivated, and thoughtful. She has a great eye and has always been interested in using technology as a tool to better her editing skills. She’s funny, too!”

—Valerie Shrader, Senior Editor, Lark Books

“Suzanne is a creative thinker and a can-do collaborator. She is one of the most innovation-focused persons I know, continually learning new processes and technologies to improve or enhance the way projects are executed. Suzanne rides on the leading edge of technology, trends, and good ideas.”

—Chris Bryant, Senior Art Director, Lark Books

“Suzanne and I worked together on a book project. She was very detail-minded and focused on being sure the creative team saw and shared the vision for the book. She was proactive about communicating and planning so that the project was high-quality and stayed on budget. She has excellent experience as a book editor.”

—Eileen Paulin, Owner, RL4C Communications, Inc

“As an art director, I collaborated with Suzanne on a number of projects at Lark Books. Suzanne has a fine visual sense and was able to offer exactly the kind of input an art director needs to do his job. She is particularly sensitive to photography, color and type; and her comments helped me achieve a better understanding of the subject and ultimately a better-looking book.”

—Cindy LaBreacht, Owner, LaBreacht Design

“Suzanne was fantastic to work with on digital projects! She always came to the table with great ideas and was able to quickly adapt her approach to the capabilities of the digital space. I would recommend her as a creative editor and great person to work with.”

—Elizabeth Christensen, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Sterling Publishing

“Suzanne worked for our division, Lark Books, and was a superb and integral part of our editorial team. Her books consistently performed at high levels of success and were well reviewed by a diverse range of media. She has an uncanny acquisitions eye and the ability to bring those acquisitions to fruition. I would highly recommend her for any editorial position.”

—Charles Nurnberg, CEO & Publisher, Sterling Publishing

“Suzanne is a very creative out-of-the-box thinker and it was a pleasure to collaborate with her on digital marketing promotions at Lark / Sterling.”

—Kate Rados, Director, Digital Markets, Sterling Publishing

“Suzanne is passionate about books, embracing of new technology, and an imaginative and inventive thinker about how publishing can evolve and thrive in an increasingly digital world. She will bring high standards, creative ideas, and dedication and commitment to any project.”

—Paige Gilchrist, Editorial Director, Lark Books

“Suzanne is a creative and motivated professional who eagerly embraces innovation and technology, ever seeking new ways to aid productivity and group process. ”

—Greg Evans, IT Support Analyst

“Suzanne knows her stuff. As an acquisitions editor and senior editor for Lark Books, she produced some amazing titles. Many of the books she acquired and drove with vision involved ceramics, of which she is an expert, but she did a thorough job even with the books she was assigned. I worked with Suzanne on only a couple projects, but I found her a demanding yet understanding senior editor. She knew what she wanted for the book and she’d help you get there. There’s a lot involved with producing a book for a serious publisher, and Suzanne knows every facet. I'd work with her again. In fact, I hope I do. She’s driven to excellence, and nothing makes a stronger impact on a team than a beautiful, successful finished product. Hire her now before someone else does!”

—Mark H. Bloom, Assistant Editor, Lark Books

“Suzanne is a dedicated and talented editor. I watched her build a successful ceramics list at Lark Books, and then I watched her sell it in-house, market it, and bring in top authors. There were no obstacles she couldn’t overcome. By the way, Suzanne is also a wonderful photographer with a great eye. I recommend Suzanne wholeheartedly.”

—Joe Rhatigan, Editorial Director, Lark Books

“Wonderful to work with, Suzanne is someone who is very talented and delivers everything she says she will in a timely manner. I highly recommend her”

—Benjamin Porter, Photography Curriculum Director, McDowell Technical College

“Suzanne Tourtillott is a dynamic thinker and creative. She asks probing questions, provides out-of-the-box answers, and attacks problems and finds solutions with intelligence, wit, and persistence. Suzanne also is a heart-centered, supportive team member who passionately champions her projects and people.”

—Ray Hemachandra, Senior Editor, Lark Books / Sterling Publishing Inc.

“I worked with Suzanne Tourtillott as a curator and writer for the major content of a book on ceramic art that Lark published: Porcelain Masters: new works by leading ceramists. Suzanne was a delight to work with, very organized, efficient and thoughtful. She knows the publishing business well, and works well with authors. I highly recommend her; you couldn't do better.”

—Richard Burkett, Professor, San Diego State University

“Suzanne is intelligent, fair, and dedicated to creating quality books. She was one of my favorite clients.”

—Susan Huxley, Editor and Creative Director, Huxley Communications, LLC

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Before we talk, some points to consider.

First Things First

Projects flow smoothly with a production schedule and an estimated budget. After consultation, we can decide how to schedule the work. Development or copy editing usually includes making recommendations for illustration and photography more than either line editing or proofreading.


If you plan to self-publish, a review of some sample material can help me recommend the necessary edit level. For illustrated projects, part of my development work or copy editing can be to help balance your manuscript’s needs against the budget. Together, we can decide whether a flat fee or an hourly rate for my time works best.

Advances & Deposits

Work agreements are usually established with a written contract; a deposit may be required.

When ready, send an email to Editorious. I look forward to learning more about your project and how I can help it get ready.